Nigel Shafran

Work Books 1984 – 2018

4 Herald Street

E2 6JT

18 May – 7 June, 2018
Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm

Sion and Moore is delighted to announce its inaugural show, Work Books 1984 – 2018, a presentation of work by the photographer Nigel Shafran. The exhibition, which has been designed by Michael Marriott, is comprised of​ approximately​​ ​4​0 notebooks containing drawings, notes, small photographs and other printed matter, as well as films of the books – none of which have been shown in London before.


Shafran’s notebooks are the quotidian working ‘space’ in which he develops his ideas, but they also contain imagery and ephemera – such as car road tax discs, newspaper clippings, actual cut grass or his son’s first tooth— that are not geared towards a final photograph. The books reveal Shafran’s interest in recording lived experience and bestowing value upon the everyday. Writer David Chandler suggests they are ‘part workbook, part diary, part aide-memoire’ and ​also ​the basis upon which Shafran’s actual publications are conceived.