Tom Wood

Women’s Market

4 Herald Street

E2 6JT

 Opening Times
Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 6pm

28 November – 15 December 2018 inclusive

Sion and Moore is delighted to announce Women’s Market, an exhibition of work by renowned photographer Tom Wood (b. Ireland, 1951). Taken over a period of two decades at Liverpool’s Great Homer Street Market, the photographs record the people - and especially the women - who visited this place of meeting and ex- changeduringthe1980sand90s, often returning every weekend.


The market, nicknamed ‘Greatie’ to those in the know, was established over 180 years ago and is still going strong, with vendors selling anything and everything from lace communion dresses to hats, candles, slinky shoes, fresh eggs, Adidas and Under Armour.


Wood first visited Greatie in the early 1970s but didn’t begin photographing there until 1978. He soon visited so often that he became, in his words, ‘part of the scenery’, even taking wedding pictures on request for some of the regulars. This intertwining of photographer and subject means that Wood’s work circumvents social documentary: the salient impression is of each woman’s individuality, beyond their roles as mothers, girl- friends, sisters, friends, or daughters. And we also see the results of Wood’s constantly alert and assimilated eye, his inquisitive and participatory practice... photographs at once elegant, unpretentious and deeply significant.